Luxury Homes for Sale in Atlanta

Looking at luxury homes for sale in Atlanta? A vibrant city with plenty of action, Atlanta is home to an array of elegant neighborhoods featuring some of the most architecturally stunning luxury homes.

We'll help you find you Atlanta dream home.

At Atlanta Luxury Communities, we are passionate about the Atlanta luxury real estate market. We know what wealthy buyers want and the comforts they crave – backed by our strong knowledge of the best neighborhoods for luxury mansions and unbeatable personalized customer service. So, why work with us when you're hunting for Atlanta luxury homes for sale?

Choosing the right real estate agent makes all the difference.

Buying a luxury home in Atlanta is a huge decision, involving not only what you expect from your dream home but, what part of town will you enjoy most for its setting, for convenience, proximity to local amenities and schools, and so much more. Suburbs like Marietta, Milton, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Roswell are in high demand for their exquisite million-dollar mansions, delivering an idyllic upper-crust lifestyle and excellent return on investment. Finding the home of your dreams involves getting to know your personal needs and desires, comprehensive research, and a sound understanding of the local luxury market. The passionate team at Atlanta Luxury Communities will do all of this and more for you.


Chris and Jackye McCarley have a portfolio of more than $200 million in sales in the last decade.

Why Choose Us to Help you Buy the Best Luxury Homes for Sale in Atlanta?

Chris McCarley and Jackye McCarley are real estate professionals who have maintained a high standard of excellence and customer satisfaction for forty years.

Strong Neighborhood Knowledge and Experience

When you search for luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of neighborhoods where luxury properties are found. From Chaparral Estates in Sandy Springs to Greystone in Milton, we have comprehensive knowledge of the best million-dollar neighborhoods in Atlanta, putting us in a unique position to give you valuable advice. Our network and experience give us the edge to help you find distinct property features that appeal to you.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

During the home inspection, we look at intricate details of the house to identify possible problems. We also highly recommend working with a licensed home inspector who uses a thermographic camera to get a detailed report of the house condition. We have personally reviewed hundreds of inspection reports, enabling us to give you invaluable advice. This puts us in a strong position to help you get the best deal.

Avoid Closing Problems on a Property

Real estate is a challenging market. There are plenty of pitfalls that inexperienced people may not understand. We know exactly what can go wrong and how to look for these signs in advance. From unexpected title concerns to lender-related problems to appraisal issues to negotiations falling through to other contingencies, we handle everything – making the experience completely seamless for you.

Complete Paperwork

We have simple and straightforward processes that make your life so much easier when you buy your new home. From contract e-signatures to handling and filing all documents, we oversee all the paperwork and timelines. Everything you need to close the deal will be done for you in an organized manner, giving you complete peace of mind.

Pricing Expertise and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

We combine our neighborhood knowledge with in-depth location research to provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) on multiple properties, allowing us to negotiate the best value for you and your family. We use our experience and skill to estimate the price of the home as closely as possible from the moment we walk through the door. By doing a thorough CMA we are able to determine how a neighborhood holds its value and pricing, so that you can purchase with confidence, knowing you won't overpay.

Recommend Repair Requests or Help you with Repair Needs

Repair requests can be difficult for buyers who do not know what to look for in the first place. We can either help you make repair requests before you purchase the property or we can help you with your repair or construction needs once you purchase it by tapping into our strong network of construction professionals – from builders and contractors to tradesmen for specific tasks.

What are the Top Features to Look for in a Luxury Home?

While every luxury home in Atlanta features its own unique character and impressive style, wealthy buyers may have specific expectations. Here are some top features that you may want to consider:

These are just some of the top features of a luxury home.

Modern Amenities

Even though a home may come with unparalleled old-world character, many of these lovely homes have been updated with plush modern-day amenities like tablet-controlled lights, remote thermostat control, high-tech security, and heated floors.

Exquisite Interior Finishes and Spaciousness

When you're on the lookout for a million-dollar mansion, you probably want it to be a visual masterpiece. This may include features like an airy open floor plan, a grand staircase, a sprawling layout, flawless outdoor-indoor living, and abundant natural light from large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Top-Notch Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, most home buyers tend to look for fully stocked cooking spaces. This may include the latest state-of-the-art appliances, warming drawers, a walk-in pantry, plenty of storage and more.

Huge Master Bedroom with a Lavish Spa Bathroom

Customarily, a luxury home will have spacious bedrooms, especially the master,  with a deluxe king bed, built-in bed lighting, remote-controlled window treatments, climate control, floor heating, and a personal patio. Along with this roomy bedroom you can typically expect a lavish bath/spa. Some of the most popular features to look for include an opulent freestanding bathtub with shower jets, custom sauna, massive walk-in showers, double vanity sinks, underfloor heating, and towel warmers – bringing back memories of the most affluent hotels in the world.

Sprawling Walk-In Dressing Room

A sprawling dressing room is one of the nicest luxuries of an affluent home. Some of the best features to look for in a walk-in dressing room include timber racks, island drawers, ambient lighting, and ornate mirrors to function as your private dressing enclave.

Equipped Theatre and Entertainment Room

Many wealthy buyers expect a complete theatre-style experience without having to visit the cinema. If this is you, it would be ideal if the home came with an expansive theatre room with the ability to connect to a raft of modern technologies.

Excellent Privacy

One of the biggest priorities of a million-dollar home is plenty of privacy and exclusivity. You'll ideally want your own personal slice of paradise away from prying eyes with a property far away from highways, flight paths, retention ponds, power lines and more.

Fitness Home Gym

Instead of working out at a public gym, you may want the option of your own personal exercise room so you can work out within the comforts of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

If you enjoy spending time outdoors or even entertaining, you may want to look for a home with an opulent outdoor kitchen and cozy pool area with a built-in barbecue, rooftop patio, stainless steel or stone workbenches, refrigerators, hot tubs and spas, and ornate waterfalls.

Attractive Outdoor Façade

If you want the exterior to look as good as the interior, you'll want an affluent home with a spectacular façade featuring unique architectural features, plenty of character and charm, dazzling textures, lush hues, and striking materials to make it stand out among other properties.

Landscaped Gardens

Beautifully landscaped gardens add a layer of leisurely flair to an already spectacular property. From water features to tree-lined gardens to beautifully manicured lawns, designer-quality outdoor spaces can sway your decision in favor of a particular home.

Everyone has their own distinctive tastes and lifestyle needs. Your ideas may be different from others. It's important you consider everything you want – all your must-have features – so your next purchase becomes your own private abode.

What Makes Us Different?

When you work with Atlanta Luxury Communities, finding your dream luxury mansion will feel like a whole lot of fun.

Here are some of the things we do to make your search easier and more seamless:

  1. We Work Closely with You to Prepare your Wish List

    Who doesn't love a good wish list? We ask you to put down everything you want in your dream home – from features and size to location and price ranges. This helps us customize our search to your specific needs and desires.

  2. We Know the Right Questions to Ask to Obtain More Information

    We also ask you questions to obtain as much information as possible. After all, the more we know about you and your family, the easier it will be to help you find a home best suited to you. For instance, if you are looking at growing your family, we may be able to help you identify additional features that you may not have considered yourself.

  3. We Help you Find the Most Desirable Houses and Locations for your Lifestyle

    We work around your lifestyle needs. For instance, if you're an avid golfer, we'll help you look for homes a short drive away from the prestigious Atlanta Country Club in Marietta or the exclusive Milton gated community that houses The Manor Golf & Country Club. If you like grand architecture and visually stunning mansions, Historic Brookhaven in Brookhaven, Chastain Park in Sandy Springs, and Stonegrove in Roswell are excellent places to start your search.

We invite you to reach out to Atlanta’s premier Luxury real estate agent, Atlanta Luxury Communities. We evaluate your needs and make suggestions to give you the best benefits during your search for luxury homes for sale in Atlanta – whether you are based in the city or out of the state. Give the real estate experts at Atlanta Luxury Communities a call and kick-start your hunt for your next million-dollar property today.


Chris McCarley and Jackye McCarley have represented more than 50 of Atlanta’s top custom home builders and have closed more than $200M+ in sales in the last decade for hundreds of buyers and sellers across the Metro Atlanta area.

Let us help you find your dream home in Atlanta.