Atlanta: A vibrant city that has it all - climate, culture, class and beautiful luxury homes

Atlanta brims with natural and cosmopolitan attractions. It's no wonder it attracts luxury home shoppers from all over the state and country.

Southern charm? Absolutely! But Atlanta is also a vibrant cosmopolitan city that is home to a myriad of cultural attractions. It's no wonder that real estate shoppers search for luxury homes in Atlanta because the city has so much to offer in terms of communities, amenities, natural beauty, world-class restaurants, diverse entertainment, and much more. As the cultural, economic, and political capital of the state of Georgia, Atlanta is very much the heart of the state and an influencer for the entire Southern region of the country. With numerous luxury communities and homes to choose from, Atlanta brims with stunning properties that are not only excellent real estate investments, but also dazzling places to call home.

Four Seasons and Plenty of Sunshine: Atlanta's Weather and Climate

Atlanta enjoys an average of 217 sunshine-filled days a year and features a four-season climate; though its winters are typically very mild. It's true--Hotlanta is sultry in the summertime with its humid, subtropical climate, but many luxury homes in Atlanta feature outdoor swimming pools or are set within communities that offer outstanding public pools as well as nearby lakes and streams.

Transportation Hub

Atlanta is easily one of the most connected cities in the nation. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country and features both domestic and international flights. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) provides public transportation to city residents but many of Atlanta's suburbs and luxury communities are situated near major highways and thoroughfares that provide convenient access to metro Atlanta and the city's major attractions.

Economy and Jobs

Atlanta features a thriving economy as evidenced by its diverse range of business and industry sectors. According to Forbes, more than 25 of the Fortune 500 companies are based in Atlanta. Businesses with household names like Coca-Cola, United Parcel Service, and Delta Airlines call Atlanta home. For many years, Atlanta has been revered for its hot jobs market, attracting both white-collar and blue-collar workers from other parts of the state and country. In fact, it is now the 10th fastest-growing large city in the nation. Some of Atlanta's key industries include airlines, finance, specialty retailers, industrial distribution, construction, commercial banking, hospitality, and healthcare. In addition, Atlanta has seen wages increase in the last few years by 2.2%.

Luxury Atlanta Communities

Atlanta is home to a wide range of communities that are popular with luxury home owners. These communities are renowned for their excellent schools, community and recreational centers and programs, parks and preserves, attractions like horseback riding trails and golf courses, and proximity to amenities that are popular with residents, like shopping centers, world-class medical facilities, and restaurants. The following are a few of Atlanta's popular luxury communities and descriptions about what makes them so appealing to homeowners.

  • Milton: An affluent suburb of Atlanta, Milton is well-known for its open spaces and spacious luxury homes. Located about 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, the community is situated in the northwest corner of Fulton County. It has been listed in the top five communities statewide to raise a family with a wide array of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. It also features a mix of both public and private schools.
  • Marietta: Beautiful historic Marietta is situated just 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta and is well known for its special events and festivals, including art shows and outdoor concerts. Marietta is also respected for an award winning charter school system.
  • Brookhaven: Brookhaven attracts many house hunters who are looking for historic homes. Home to Oglethorpe University, the city boasts a 'college town' feel but is also filled with affluent niches and palatial homes. Briarwood Park and its 18 acres is a popular Brookhaven attraction.
  • Alpharetta: Alpharetta is popular with real estate shoppers because of its proximity to both the city and the picturesque mountains of northern Georgia. Long regarded as one of the best places to live in Georgia, Alpharetta schools are excellent, there is a diverse selection of homes, and there are a myriad of shops and restaurants to enjoy.
  • Sandy Springs: Located in North Fulton County, Sandy Springs is an affluent community that's a mere 14 miles from downtown Atlanta. It features a diverse range of house types, including spacious brick mansions, sprawling mansions, Victorian reproductions, and many brand-new constructions.
  • Roswell: Popular with professionals and families, Roswell is also an affluent city that is considered one of the state's best places to live. It features a suburban atmosphere as well as excellent schools and luxury houses.

Types of Luxury Homes in Atlanta

Shoppers of luxury homes in Atlanta will have a wide selection to choose from. Whether you're searching for a property set within a friendly community or want to invest in a property with a considerable acreage attached, you'll be pleased with the choice that awaits you. There are many newly built luxury homes as well as historic homes that have been updated with luxury features.

Be sure to tell Chris McCarley, your Atlanta Luxury Realtor, which of these features you’re looking for in a home:

  • Indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor pavilion or cabana
  • Stable or outbuildings
  • Tennis court
  • Guest house
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Wine cellar
  • In-home fitness center
  • Specialty garden / landscaping
  • Home theater

Chris can help you find a home that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Schools and Higher Education

Atlanta's luxury communities feature both high-quality public and private schools. The city is also famous for its renowned universities and colleges that include: Emory University, Morehouse College, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Atlanta College of Art, and Spelman College. The city is replete with institutes of higher learning and technology that attract real estate shoppers with family members looking to further their education.

Services and Amenities

Atlanta is a world-class city and is home to research hospitals and revered medical facilities. Luxury home owners will find a variety of services and amenities that are situated throughout the city and its suburbs. Malls and shopping centers, fitness clubs, country clubs, and a diverse range of award winning restaurants await newcomers to the city.

Natural Attractions near Atlanta

Atlanta is just a few hours from major resorts on the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, but it also features natural attractions that are closer to home. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to take note of nearby natural attractions such as Piedmont Park, Lullwater Park, Cascade Springs Nature Reserve, Winn Park, Morningside Nature Preserve, Chattahoochee River Recreational Area, and Lake Lanier. Visitors to these attractions enjoy swimming, hiking, boating, or just relaxing with family and friends.

If you don't mind traveling further afield from the city, you'll want to check out natural attractions such as: Amicalola Falls State Park, Okefenokee Swamp, Radium Springs, Providence Canyon, Amelia Island, Smoky Mountains, Talullah Gorge, and Stone Mountain. Camping, hiking, boating, and horseback riding are a few of the pastimes popular at these venues.

Atlanta Cultural Attractions

Atlanta is home to a wealth of cultural attractions and entertainment venues for people of all ages. Some of the cities best-known cultural attractions include:

More to Do in Atlanta

Residents of Atlanta love all that the city has to offer. It's hard to be bored in a city like Atlanta where there are stadiums like Mercedes-Benz to delight sports fans or the Atlanta Country Club in Marietta that's popular with avid golfers. The city brims with entertainment. It features a wide array of theatres and cinemas as well as farmers' markets and urban bicycle / walking trails like the Atlanta Beltway. If you're looking for an evening of music, there's the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or any number of bars and pubs that host live music.

Atlanta is a city that loves to eat. It boasts a wealth of diverse restaurants that specialize in world cuisines as well as classic Southern staples. Residents of the city routinely rave about restaurants such as Miller Union, Masterpiece, Staplehouse, Bacchanalia, Root Baking Co, Nina & Rafi, and Canoe (to name a mere few!). Atlanta features many annual events that take place in its parks and other public spaces. With so much to do in Atlanta, residents of the city and suburbs always have something to look forward to.

Shopping for Luxury Homes in Atlanta

If you're searching for a luxury home in or near Atlanta, Chris or Jackye from Sotheby's International Realty can help you find the Atlanta luxury home of your dreams. Certainly, a luxury property is a substantial investment--and invariably an excellent one--but our agents understand that these properties are more than simply investments; they're a place to call home and create lasting memories. We can partner with you to find a home and community that suits you and your household. Because there are so many wonderful luxury properties in Atlanta and its suburbs, you'll have many to choose from. We look forward to helping you find your dream home.