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That is what we were promised when we inquired into switching realtors and that is what Chris and Jacyke McCarley delivered.

ONLY 45 Days from the day we hired Chris and Jackye McCarley to the day we signed a contract for sale of our home, then only 30 more days until we closed on our home!

Chris and Jackye are without question 2 of the most effective power brokers for the entire Atlanta real estate market.

In our case, our home was listed with another brokerage for 4 months without substantial activity or offers. We were living out of state and needed to sell our home and "stop the bleeding." Immediately upon signing with the McCarley's we were comforted by the fact that we were represented by two highly looked up to , respected, and competent real estate agents.

For home sellers in a very tough real estate market, let it be known that the McCarleys sold our home for almost $60,000 more than we paid for it (only 10 months earlier). The sale of our home was due to a sudden relocation out of stat, we counted on a strong sale price to protect our money and our family. The McCarleys helped to protect our family an financial future. The McCarleys delivered and then some! The truth is - The McCarley's have so much experience and have so much success that is all they know how to do - be successful.

The truth is that experience matters and success breeds success. The McCarley's are the "real deal" and are the complete package.

The truth is my family counted on our home being sold and the McCarleys fought for every nickel. The McCarley's fought off many low ball offers. The McCarley's never pressured us to sel. The McCarleys gave us sound advice. And finally when the home went under contract - when trouble lurked and the sale was jeopardized by a bad appraiser and an extremely low / under sale-price appraisal - the McCarleys continued to fight - forced a 2nd appraisal, fought for new comps, and prevailed victorious with a new higher than asking price appraisal. ON TO CLOSING!

When everything matters and everything is on the line... when everything counts. The McCarleys are the answer.

We can confidently say the McCarleys made all the difference. They got the deal done and turned a bad home selling process into a pleasurable process. The McCarley's have restored our faith in the selling process!!

So much in our lives was affected by getting our home sold quickly and you did it for us... than you and anyone who reads this testimonial - know this: anything less than the McCarley's is just that - less than the McCarley's. The McCarley's are proven winners and truly the best. When everything is on the line and real estate is the subject - Choose Chris and Jackye McCarley ... They will not let you down!

Bottom-line are results and the McCarley's got us results. Thank you both! Than you so much!!

One final note, Jackye McCarley is a leading authority in her field. Chris McCarley you were trained by the best. Jackye: buyers and especially sellers need you ; if retirement crosses your mind, remember the difference you made in mine and my family's life, and work another day. From our hearts, THANK YOU

- The Silverstone Family

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